The Y-Stop film is out!

On 26 March, 2015, Y-Stop launched a short two-part film as part of our youth-led stop and search project that aims to teach you how to manage police interactions safely and confidently. It stars Percelle Ascott (Mandem on the Wall), Danielle Vitalis (Youngers) and Ricky Groves (Eastenders) and is directed by award-winning director Teddy Nygh (Riot From Wrong). The film focuses on three characters' experiences of stop and search and introduces its audience to our 6 key principles that underpin the whole project;

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Instead of expecting you to remember the law in what is a stressful and frightening situation, Y-Stop gives you practical skills to communicate more effectively with police and ultimately end the encounter quicker. It shows you how to uphold their rights and rather than feeling like passive victims.

Y-Stop commissioned Fully Focused Productions, a brilliant youth-led media organisation, to make the film.

 “This is one of the most important films we have made to date at Fully Focused because many young people aren’t aware of their rights. It is not something they are taught or is readily available” says Teddy Nygh, Fully Focused’s co-founder who directed the film.

“This is a real opportunity for them to fully understand their rights and learn how to use them. It is a very powerful piece of work from everyone involved”.