I hadn't done anything so I did a runner

Casey Taylor, 22 years

I was out (must have been about 2 years ago) and about with a mate in the Mansbridge area of Southampton, we were just walking around the area minding our own business. There were quite a few police cars around the area that day. The police cars were driving past slowly just looking at us, they pulled alongside us and said they need to speak to me as I matched the description of the suspect there looking for.

I didn't do anything that night and so I done a runner because I didn't want to get the blame for things I haven't done. I got stopped round the corner and got placed in handcuffs. I got taken back to the police car and had to wait for a female officer to come and search me.

They told me I matched the description of a suspect that had been committing thefts from motor vehicles. I was getting annoyed as I was always getting stopped by the police and if anything happened it was me that got accused of it all the time.

At the time I hated the police and thought they were out to get me, I felt that they were harassing me. After they took all my details and done a person’s check on me I was free to go as they didn't find anything. Before I went they said the suspect is wearing a white tracksuit, I got frustrated and said if the person you’re looking for is wearing a white tracksuit why stop me as I'm wearing a pink tracksuit.

fitting a description

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