Punched by police


When I was 14 or 15 I was walking to my Aunty’s house on the square and on the way, I heard the sliding door of the police van and running behind me. As I tried to turn around one of them rugby tackled me to the floor and started punching me up. Obviously I don’t really care about authority so my instant reaction was just hitting them back. So I hit them back and they twisted me up and they arrested me and had me in the back of the van and they said that the reason why I’d been arrested was that I matched the description of a burglar or robbery or something like that.

Before we went into the station they said that if I admit to hitting the police officer, they’d drop every other charge. The charges were refusing to get arrested, matching the description of a burglar and assaulting a police officer. I don’t really lie, I won’t lie in the interview room so if I’ve done something I’ve done it. So obviously I said “yeah I hit them back”. They didn’t drop no charges, they slapped me with everything. After that they put me on bail, I went back, they had me in court, they had me with the assault charge. They didn’t have any evidence of the robbery, to be honest I think that was just an excuse to harass me.

I didn’t really feel anything because it’s normal, it happens all the time. If not to me then to another young person out on the street.

police violence

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