A waste of everyone's time


I once got stopped and searched two minutes from my house. It was rather late, I’m not sure what day it was, I was just coming back from a friend’s house who lives round the corner. It was a police car that pulled up, they said that I had matched the description of someone who had done a burglary on my road. The thing is, I know everyone who lives on my road and know there had never been a burglary, the day after I enquired. They just searched me, I did make it clear to them that I live in the area and I haven’t got a record but they proceeded. At this time I didn’t know my rights, I was fairly young, I think 17.

I didn’t really feel scared, they weren’t intimidating to be honest, but I felt it was a waste of their time and my time as well because the thing I was focusing on was going home to sleep.

fitting a description

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