The officers put me to the floor although I wasn't resisting

Louis Hinder

Me and 2 of my friends were in a car with the back window out, we were on our way to the garage to get it fixed. We got pulled over at a set of traffic llights on the way. When I got out the car I was told that I was wearing the clothes that matched the description of a thief in the area. The officers put me to the floor although I wasn’t resisting and asking me where I was at 7am that day. I was asleep, I wasn’t out of my bed till 10am! They asked for my name and address, why I was in the car, what I was doing and then took me down the station.

My mum had to come down to the station and testify on my behalf. The other people in the car were shouting “What are you doing? He’s with us” but the officers just sent them on their way with a ticket to say their window had to be fixed within 10 days.

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police violence

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