"If you don't stop i'm going to f*ck you up"


A few years ago I was helping a friend, we'll call him "Harry" move in for his first year of university in southwest London at Roehampton University. We decided to find some food from a supermarket or fast food, we didn't really know the area so set out on foot to try and find somewhere.

We ended up walking for quite a long time ending up in Richmond, a prestigious area, as it turned out there were no local shops to where Harry was studying. Along the way we saw a dealership with nice cars and stopped for a few seconds to admire them. As we were walking away from the dealership a police car pulled up to "have a word", Harry didn't notice or hear them so continued walking, at this point an officer jumped out of the car and shouted "If you don't stop I'm going to f*ck you up" and proceeded to run after my friend - bearing in mind me and Harry were just 18 at the time, and these were fully grown men.

Harry was pushed against a wall by the officer, if he tried to fight back then he would have been arrested for assault on a police officer. With the other officer towering over him, Harry was punched during this assault and his face was also roughly pushed against the wall, while I was helpless to do anything. Both of us then got searched under a lot of taunting from the officers. This was before we really knew our rights, but even then we knew they weren't allowed to use that level of violence.

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